The History of Steiner eOptics

For over 35 years, Steiner eOptics (formerly known as Laser Devices, Inc.) has specialized in weapons aiming solutions that incorporate advanced laser-based technology to greatly enhance shooting performance. USA made eOptics products enable more accurate marksmanship and provide each user with a higher level of confidence and safety when firing a weapon.

Founded in 1979, it was the first company to mount aiming lasers on small arms. Today, Steiner eOptics is the technology leader for electro-optical laser aiming devices and tactical illumination tools in the military and law enforcement arena.

Steiner eOptics products are used to defend freedom every day in the roughest of conditions. The special breed of men and women who choose eOptics products do so because of our dedication to ruggedness, reliability and performance. Our customers know that our lasers and lights will equip them to fulfill their mission in the harshest of environments.

From the first helium–neon (He–Ne) plasma tube laser to the U.S. Army selected DBAL-A2 and to some of the brightest tactical IR illumination devices available today, the company’s primary goal is to provide innovative, state-of-the-art products that make warriors more effective in the field.

As a technology leader, Steiner eOptics was the first to bring these innovations to market:

  • Dual Beam Laser Module
  • Modular Sighting Laser for a Firearm
  • Laser Diode Alignment Mechanism 
  • Universal Laser
  • Shock Absorbent Flashlight Bulb and Reflector Assembly
  • Laser Precision Bore Sight Assembly
  • Improved Thumb Switch for Tactical Weapon Aiming Lights
  • Quick Release HT Mount

Steiner eOptics products are  manufactured in our 34,000 square foot facility located along the scenic central coast of Monterey, California, USA. Quality, technology and expertise are an integral part of our manufacturing process and our products continue to deliver the superior performance and reliability that warfighters have come to expect from Steiner eOptics.