CEHUD: Conformal Enhanced Heads Up Display

CEHUD, shown on AN/PVS-21

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  • CEHUD, shown on AN/PVS-21
  • CEHUD, shown on AN/PVS-21
  • CEHUD and AN/PVS-21 in use
  • CEHUD image illustration
  • CEHUD image illustration, projected map
  • CEHUD image illustration
  • CEHUD image illustration, projected round corner
  • CEHUD and AN/PVS-21 in use
  • CEHUD and AN/PVS-21 in use

The CEHUD – Conformal Enhanced Heads Up Display provides improved situational awareness, reduced sensor-to-shooter gap and enhanced capability to detect, recognize and identify targets. It is a lightweight, compact and ruggedized HUD that is day or night capable. Designed for use with the AN/PVS-21 LPNVG Goggle, Model 2740 Monocular and Model 2758 Dayviewer.

  • State-of-the-art sensor integration
  • Accepts NTSC/PAL format color video signals or NTSC/PAL black & white video signals.
  • Digital video feeds are overlaid directly onto the operational view via an SVGA OLED.
  • Overlays key sensor information such as communication, navigation, threat assessment and targeting data directly onto the day or night view.
  • Eliminates the need to carry multiple video displays.
  • Fingertip adjustment of power, brightness, contrast and diopter adjustment
  • Greatly enhances situational awareness

    Images shown with AN/PVS-21

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Global Item #US Item #Intensified Field of View (FOV)Un-Aided FOVObjective FocusSystem ResolutionExit Pupil
TBDN/A40º165º horizontal and 90º vertical33cm to infinity1.3 cy/mr minimum (1.4 or greater typical)10mm on axis
Intensified Field of View (FOV)40º
Un-Aided FOV165º horizontal and 90º vertical
Eye Relief15mm
Operating Altitude sea level to 35,000ft
Operating Temperature Range-30ºC to +52ºC
Immersion3m standard; 10m special
EMI/EMCmil-std-461, class A#, REO2, RSO2, and RSO3
Weight760 g
Aux. Illumination Source two IR LEDs - off/low/high
Batteries single AA battery 1.5-3.6V alkaline and lithium batteries are interchangeable
Mountprecision, quick-release mounting on helmets and head harnesses
Video InputsIntegrated HUD Port