Star Beacon

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The Star Beacon is a thermal combat ID beacon for covertly marking blue force personnel and vehicles. It emits no visible signature and is undetectable by conventional image intensifier-based night vision equipment. The Star beacon has an optical output of approximately 2300 mW in the mid-wave IR band (3 to 5 micron). The beacon emits in a full hemispherical pattern for high visibility by air or ground mounted thermal imaging systems. The emitter head, battery pack, and mount system can be easily configured for use on a helmet, vehicle, MOLLE vest, or pack.

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Product Features: 
  • Positive ID of blue force assets from both ground and airborne thermal imaging systems
  • 1 km visibility to cooled LWIR imagers – 10 km visibility in MWIR with common imagers
  • Invisible to Gen I, II, and III image intensifiers
  • Neodymium magnets for attachment to vehicles and integral bracket for various attachment options to a helmet, vest, or pack
  • Multiple Star Beacons can be wirelessly synchronized to flash in unison.
  • Battery pack with (6) 123 batteries provides 5 hours of continuous run time.
  • Also runs on external power, 12 to 32 VDC.
  • Full hemispherical emission from the horizon to zenith


Global Item #US Item #WavelengthMaximum Optical PowerTypeMountMaximum Luminous Flux (White)
TBDTBDVIS (white) / NIR (880nM) White – 240 Lumens total; 880 nM - 960 mW;3-4 µm ~ 1,370 mW NIR; SWIRHelmet;Vehicle;MOLLEN/A
US Item #TBD
WavelengthVIS (white) / NIR (880nM)
Maximum Optical PowerWhite – 240 Lumens total; 880 nM - 960 mW;3-4 µm ~ 1,370 mW
Optical DivergenceGreater than hemispherical: 360˚ azimuth x 200˚ elevation
Detectable Range Thermal
Detectable Range SWR5 to 8 km
Battery(3) CR 123
Run Time4.5 to 14 hours
Beacon Dimensions9.5 x 7.5 x 3.8 cm
Weight235 grams / 8.3 ounces
Operating Temperature Range-30°C (-22°F) to 60°C (140°F)
Waterproof10 meters for 30 minutes