Night Vision Refocus Lenses

AN/PVS-21 Refocus Lens, on AN/PVS-21

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  • AN/PVS-21 Refocus Lens, on AN/PVS-21
  • Universal Refocus Lens, shown in up position
  • Universal Refocus Lens
  • Universal Refocus Lens
  • Universal Refocus Lens

Night Vision Refocus Lenses are innovative accessories providing operators the ability to rapidly refocus their night vision view from infinity to approximately 24 inches. This allows the operator to perform momentary close-in tasks such as map-reading or weapon clearing. The operator can then instantly return the NVG to infinity by flipping the lens back to its storage position. Night Vision Refocus Flip Lenses are specifically designed for use with many of the currently fielded NVGs including:

  • AN/AVS-6
  • AN/AVS-7
  • AN/AVS-9
  • AN/PVS-14
  • AN/PVS-15
  • AN/PVS-18
  • AN/PVS-21
  • AN/PVS-23
  • AN/PVS-31

This accessory may be attached to the objective on either side of the night vision goggle through a simple finger clamp. A lens pivots in front of the objective lens storage position. This storage position lies completely outside the optical path of the goggle.

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Product Features: 

Universal Refocus Lens:

  • Custom focus ranges are available
  • Angular Field of View:  30º
  • Focus Range: ~20in to 24in
  • Applications: AN/PVS-7, -14, -15, -18, -23, -31: AN/AVS-6, -9
  • Dimensions: 41mm (1.6in) x 54mm (2.1in) x19mm (0.75in)
  • Weight: 10.5g (0.4 ounces)

AN/PVS-21 Refocus Lens:

  • Angular Field of View: 30º
  • Focus Range: ~20in to 24in
  • Applications: AN/PVS-21
  • Dimensions: 48mm (1.7in) x 45mm (1.7in) x 30mm (1.2in)
  • Weight (approximate): 12g (0.5 ounces)


Global Item #US Item #Intensified Field of View (FOV)Un-Aided FOVObjective FocusSystem ResolutionExit Pupil
TBDN/A40º165º horizontal and 90º vertical33cm to infinity1.3 cy/mr minimum (1.4 or greater typical)10mm on axis
Intensified Field of View (FOV)40º
Un-Aided FOV165º horizontal and 90º vertical
Eye Relief15mm
Operating Altitude sea level to 35,000ft
Operating Temperature Range-30ºC to +52ºC
Immersion3m standard; 10m special
EMI/EMCmil-std-461, class A#, REO2, RSO2, and RSO3
Weight760 g
Aux. Illumination Source two IR LEDs - off/low/high
Batteries single AA battery 1.5-3.6V alkaline and lithium batteries are interchangeable
Mountprecision, quick-release mounting on helmets and head harnesses
Video InputsIntegrated HUD Port