Binoculars and Riflescopes

If you are experiencing any problems with your Steiner optic or accessory, please first review the manual for helpful tips and information. Keep in mind that exterior parts which show wear from usage are not covered under warranty.

If you need repair, you may ship the optic by prepaid postage or freight to the address below. Prior to shipping, please complete the return form (download the PDF) below and enter all required information. Then, ship the product to our authorized service center, located in the US, at the address provided below.

Be sure to insure your shipment in the event of loss or damage during transit.

  Download the Repair Request Form

Mail completed requests with products to:

331 East 8th Street
Greeley, CO 80631

For more information, email [email protected] or call 888-228-7747.

Laser Devices and Battle Lights

If you require warranty or repair service contact us by email or phone, and we will determine the best method to fixing your product.

Contact us by email [email protected], or call 888-228-7747.