Thermal Optics

Steiner eOptics has long been specialized in digital sensors for Military-grade night vision. Taking the experience of a see-through thermal image from our head-mounted COTM, Steiner has introduced our CQT™ or “Close Quarter Thermal” optic, optimized for weapon-mounting. The CQT™ features our patented and revolutionary CVT™ Clear View Thermal technology. This innovation overlays the thermal image onto the user’s direct view of the real world, giving the operator complete situational awareness. Thermal can be switched from outline mode to highlight mode (or as we like to call it “predator vision”). The CQT™ can be ran as a standalone red dot, a standalone thermal, or both options at the same time by overlaying thermal on the red dot. There truly isn’t anything like it on the market today. When it comes to eOptics, Steiner has always been a design and technology leader. Thermal is our newest playground, just wait until you see what we come out with next!